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31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials

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1 31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials on Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:55 am


31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials

Here are 31 Photoshop CS3 Tutorials,hostedby the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. These Photoshoptutorialsprovide a good background and step-by-step inststructions forseveralimportant Photoshop tools and features, including: thePhotoshopToolbox, working with text, adding borders, colors and colorswatches,working with Layers, Image manipulation, Filters, Masks,Gradients,using the Pen Tools, preset Brushes, and working with Custom Brushes.


  • Special Terms
  • The Photoshop Toolbox
  • Tips and Rules
  • Additional Help Resources


  • Basics for Working with Image Files
  • Selecting an Area
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool
  • Working with Text
  • Adding Borders
  • Undoing Previous Actions
  • Cropping an Image
  • Working with Colors
  • Working with Color Swatches
  • Layer Basics
  • Working with Layers
  • Advanced Layer Options

Image Manipulation

  • Adjusting Images
  • Adjusting Image Resolution
  • Creating Transparent Images
  • Working with Filters
  • Removing Red Eye
  • Feathering a Selection
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Applying a Gradient
  • Blend Modes: An Introduction
  • Converting Black and White Photos to Color

Photoshop Tools

  • Using the Pen Tools
  • Retouching Images
  • Using Preset Brushes
  • Creating a Custom Brush
  • Custom Brush Options


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